Business Analysis Consulting

Acesynergi business analysis approach focuses helping the costumers to define the business challenge clearly translate solution into requirements & align it to corporate business strategy.

Our business analysts are season professionals having an experience ranging from 2 years to 20 years in various domains such as healthcare, BFSI, utility, Real estate, Retail & Telecom.

Our business analyst consulting engagement model is base on we determining time requirement to accomplish business analysis engagement opportunities

Our services are available from periods ranging 1 month to many months.

The key areas where we can provide engagement service encompass the following:

  • Determining the business analyst approach
  • Determining methodologies & strategies helping you to decide how best identifying the business challenges and defining them clearly
  • Determine the best business solution approach translate them into clear set of requirements
  • Requirement management
  • Mentoring
  • Workshop facilities

" A good doctor is doctor who can do the right diagnose & identify the right problem “

As good diagnose is vital for sound health of a subject similarly organisations to be on consistent path of improvisation in productivity efficiency need to consistently indentify its business challenged & overcome them with in quick span of time consistently be in the path of the progress in race of marketing dynamic.

Our business analysis approach follows a diagnosis approach the solutions base approach were our experience business analyst focus of diagnose approach in identifying in the correct problem with short span of time by using eight set of tools & techniques & proposing solutions quickly to help organisation to be continues path of progress.

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