Unified Modeling Language

Unified Modeling Language

The UML Workshop course introduces a useful subset of the core modeling notation in UML and follows the four RUP phases in practice (as closely is as reasonable and possible in the context of a modeling workshop). Models appropriate to each development activity are developed, with notation introduced as needed. The common pitfalls of using UML and use cases, such as a tendency to fall into sequential development with a big, up-front design phase and verbose use case descriptions, are highlighted and cautioned against. Also covers on Object-oriented analysis and design (OOAD). This course outlines a more agile approach to modeling and the use of usecases.

You will Learn / Training Deliverables

  • Two days intensive classroom training
  • In-depth understand of UML
  • Complete knowledge on UML designing skills
  • Design Best Practices
  • Best Practices in Modeling tools
  • Identify and present a useful working subset of UML notation
  • Outline a lightweight development lifecycle based on RUP
  • Exposure to architecting Applications
  • Describe an agile approach to working with and documenting usecases
  • Put the notation and concepts into practice for a simple project

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